Backflow Prevention Device Installation, Service and Testing

When backflow occurs, water from residential and commercial buildings may flow backwards into the water main. The result is that potable drinking water may become contaminated and poisonous. Aside from normal domestic single dwelling houses, Hunter Water requires all commercial, industrial and multiple residential buildings to be fitted with a backflow prevention device and to be tested annually.

What we can do

PLB provides you with Australian standard approved backflow prevention device services including installation, testing and maintenance.

Hunter Water requires all backflow prevention devices within Newcastle and The Hunter Region to be tested annually by Hunter Water accredited personnel.

At PLB we have Hunter Water and TAFE accredited personnel who meet all backflow requirements.

Backflow prevention devices include but are not restricted to:

  • Reduced Pressure Zone devices
  • Double Check Valve devices
  • Dual Check Valve devices

Areas we serve

Take the step to protect your homes, your family and your community from contamination with our backflow prevention device installation services. We serve customers in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region areas. Make the important move today by calling P.L. Britt Plumbing at 02 49448113 or Peter on 0408 495 431 or send us an email with our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible

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