Residential & Maintenance

Are you experiencing plumbing issues within your shed, caravan, unit, townhouse, home, rental property?

Don’t let a small problem become large! Don’t pay for wasted water through leaking toilets, taps, showers etc. Get them fixed today and save money!

Don’t hesitate to call PLB to get all your maintenance issues sorted as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience to you or your tenants.

PLB is also equipped for new installations from single dwellings, to duplexes to multi-storey units.

We have experienced crew and knowledge who understand the process of both small and large construction and will ensure your project is delivered on time and budget and accurately to plans and specifications.

Our experience can often offer alternative solutions for final cost savings to clients whilst still remaining in line with Australian Standards and Local Authority regulations.

Gas Fitting Services

Are you a business owner who runs a restaurant or a café? Are you operating a facility that utilises gas hot water systems? Are you experiencing gas faults within your home?

P.L. Britt Plumbing provides LPG and Natural gas fitting services at reasonable costs.

Gas fitting incorporates installation, testing, lodging  leak test and compliance certificates with authorities (Jemena), and repairing gas appliances.

Don’t put your family or colleagues at risk by using unlicensed or unqualified gas fitters.

P.L. Britt Plumbing takes pride in its licensed tradesman who can carry out the work to ensure the smooth running of your homes and businesses.

Our gas fitters perform a variety of tasks, such as testing pipes for gas appliances, installing gas appliances, installing flues for gas appliances, installing gas pipes, educating homeowners and business owners alike on safety use, and maintenance.

Can you smell gas?

If you notice a strong gas smell, there is potential for the situation to become dangerous. Ensure there are no naked flames or sparks within the area and if it is an emergency situation call 000.

PLB can investigate your situation and will prioritise your requirements to ensure the safety of occupants. Never hesitate to call so our gas fitters can visit you without delay.

Detecting a gas smell can be easy but detecting the cause of the leak can only be found and worked on by experts and qualified gas fitters.

PLB can attend and fix your problems without delay in accordance with National and State industry standards.

Contact us today!

We serve the areas of Newcastle, Central Coast and The Hunter Region. Contact us today at 02 4944 8113 or Peter on 0408 495 431 for an immediate check

Gas installed P.L. Britt Plumbing
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